CourseMate: Student View

In addition to the instructor capabilities, Engagement Tracker now extends to students, providing an easy way for them to track their progress.

CourseMate: Student View Overview
The Overview page provides a snapshot of student activity within their CourseMate course. Students can track their time spent within CourseMate and receive a high-level overview of the how they are maximizing their use of the tools contained within CourseMate.


For example, beyond scoring on quizzes, students can see how many flashcards, games and videos they accessed. This simple dashboard can provide a sense of accomplishment and/or motivation to fully explore CourseMate.

CourseMate: Student View Details
As the name implies, the Details view of Engagement tracker drills down to the specific detail of the activities engaged in. Here students can also revisit the full text of their quizzes, with original choices and correct answers. CourseMate also records the time/date when they attempted the activity, giving students a sense of their own personal progress over time.


Engagement Tracker for students is a simple idea that helps students accomplish a serious goal, keeping them engaged in their course.