CourseMate Resources: Overview

The resources available with CourseMate vary, based on the needs of the discipline and your books features and pedagogy. All CourseMate products have an eBook, interactive quizzing, and a presentation resource. Many have flashcards, a glossary, and videos.

CourseMate Resources: Interactive Quizzing
Quizzes provide students with instant feedback. Let's see how this student did.

Interactive Quizzing: Instant Feedback
For incorrect answers, students can click on the magnifying glass icon to see the correct response.


Interactive Quizzing: Links to eBook
In additon to seeing the correct answer and a brief description, students can link directly to the section of the eBook where the topic is discussed.
CourseMate Resources: Flashcards
Flashcards help students review important terms (1, 2).
Flashcards: Definition
Here's the flip side of the card with the definition of applied research.
CourseMate Resources: Glossary
Students have easy access to a glossary of terms introduced in their textbook.
CourseMate Resources: Videos
Videos engage students and allow them to connect course concepts with real-world applications.
CourseMate Resources: PowerPoint Notes
PowerPoint Notes helps students review and retain important concepts from their textbook.