Engagement Tracker: Introduction

Engagement Tracker is a first-of-its-kind tool that monitors student engagement in the course. Instructors can monitor engagement and progress for their class roster, while students can view their own performance against class averages. 

Engagement Tracker: Student Overview

The Student Overview gives you an at-a-glance look at how the class is performing (1).


Clicking the Students button (2) lets you check on individual student performance.

Engagement Tracker: Student Summary

The Student Summary lists all students in the course as well as key statistics for each one. Let's review more details about Roger Boyd's performance.

Engagement Tracker: Student Details
The Student Details page lists available resources, graded and non-graded, by chapter. You can view grades from highest to lowest (1), see time spent online, and compare the student's performance to the class average (2). 

We'll click Grade to see Roger's graded quizzes, with the highest score listed first.

Engagement Tracker: Graded Resources
This view shows how the student performed on every type of gradable resource. Blue values indicate above-average scores; orange values indicate below-average scores.
Engagement Tracker: Export Grades
You can export this view and others to your learning management system.
Engagement Tracker: Download Report
One click lets you save the Student Report file to your desktop. From there, you can import it into your learning management system or other gradebook.
Engagement Tracker: Grade Details Tab
Now let's see what information the Grade Details page provides about the class. 

Engagement Tracker: Grade Details Page
The Grade Details page lets you isolate a list of graded resources from non-gradable resources. Like the Student Report, this view can be exported to an outside gradebook.


You can also tailor your view by using the filter. Let's review our filtering options.

Engagement Tracker: Add/Remove Filters
You can filter by student, resource type, and/or chapter.
Engagement Tracker: Resource Tab
The Resources page shows you how students have used each of the CourseMate resources, and how they have performed on them. Let's look at a sample.

Engagement Tracker: Resources
Here's the Resources page. You can see what percengage of students have done the required reading, watched a video, and completed quizzes. Where applicable, grades are listed.


Now we'll leave Engagement Tracker and introduce you to some popular CourseMate resources.