GradeMark Paperless Grading: QuickMarks
QuickMarks link out to the e-handbook in InSite, providing students with instant remediation on grammatical errors within the context of their own writing. (Refer to the e-Handbook tab for more on the e-handbook.)

GradeMark Paperless Grading: General Comments
Add a voice comment (1) and a general text comment (2) to give your students overall feedback on their paper. Voice comments can be up to three minutes long and general text comments can include up to 5,000 characters.


GradeMark Paperless Grading: View Comments
See a comprehensive list of comments for an individual paper to identfiy reccuring errors throughout.

GradeMark Paperless Grading: Rubric Scoring
Standardize your grading using rubrics to score papers on core areas.

GradeMark Paperless Grading: Rubric Scoring
InSite includes a library of preset rubrics you can use to grade papers, such as the WPA Outcome Statement, Rhetorical Analysis Paper, Literary Analysis, and more. You can also create your own rubric (1) and adjust the scoring and weight of each criterion (2).


Checking for Originality
InSite's Originality Checker, powered by Turnltin, allows you and your students to identfy areas of potential plagiarism and their original source. Check papers for originality upon submission, or have students review their own papers and correct any citation or plagiarism errors before submitting them.


Peer Review
Assign Peer Review activities for students to complete electronically.  These appear in their course outline along with their other writing assignments.


Peer Review
Create specific questions for students to answer (1) as well as metrics for them to rate each other's papers on (2).


Peer Review: Instructor View
View a single student's peer review of a paper or see all reviews at once (1). You can also see just the peer review overview (2), the detailed questions and answers, as shown here (3), or just the comments and QuickMarks that students have provided for their peers (4).