Course Management: GradeBook
Organize all your grades in one place with InSite's gradebook. Add attendance scores (1) or use the Add Entry button (2) to add other items, such as class participation. Export your InSite gradebook to Excel for easy upload into your Learning Management System (3).


Course Management: GradeBook
See a variety of graphs (bar, line and pie charts) on both class and individual student performance overall or for a specific assignment. You can also compare a student's performance to the class to quickly identify at-risk students.


Course Management: Student Roster
Students enroll into your InSite course with the class ID you provide them. You can use your student roster to email all students (1), and manage it directly in InSite by adding (2) or dropping students (3).


Course Management: Calendar
Use the calendar view to see what assignments are coming up in yor course. Upload your syllabus here for your students to quickly access while they check their assignment calendar (1).


Course Management: Discussion Board
Use the Discussion Board to generate out-of-class discussion on topics of interest, a great tool for hyrid and online courses.